History Of Nieshoutkloof

Nieshoutkloof Self-catering Farm & Venue is the brainchild of your host Suki Ferreira. Nieshoutkloof is located in the Sunland district in Addo, the largest citrus producing area in the Eastern Cape South Africa.

The Family

Suki lives on the bordering farm – Stillerus, with her two daughters Janke & Kiki. Her two sons, Ben & Hans, have both matriculated at Grey High School in Port Elizabeth and are now off to explore the world.

Although not originally from Kirkwood, Suki has her roots firmly planted in the area (Inniwoud). Suki’s great grandfather used to own the property next door – Good Hope Farm.

His son, Colin Potgieter (grandfather) used to own the Kirkwood Hotel, which sadly is no more. He also used to be the mayor of Kirkwood in years gone by.

The Farm

Stillerus has citrus plantations – Midknights, Navels, Nartjies and Lemons.

Nieshoutkloof and Stillerus are situated in a Malaria Free Area.

There are three entities on Nieshoutkloof, namely:

  • Aragon’s Villa – a relaxing 4 bedroom house (sleeps 8-10)
  • Die Boomhuis Guru’s Treehouse – a majestic open concept tree house (Sleeps 4)
  • Die Wortel – a lapa (venue) with all basic amenities for functions/parties

With Suki at the wheel, all the entities are rented out through-out the year, but the busy season would be when it is the annual Kirkwood Wildsfees just 3km from Nieshoutkloof.

Suki started providing accommodation in 2010 where she hosted 100 campers during this season and this number has grown over the years to 650 campers being hosted in 2019.

During this period a shuttle service is provided (at a cost) to reduce people from drinking and driving to and from the festival. This service has expanded over the years and there will be 3 shuttles driving festival goers to the festival ground in 2020.

Nieshoutkloof is a beautiful farm, where attention to detail and small touches makes this a lovely destination and certainly an experience not to be missed. Suki will ensure your stay will be a comfortable and memorable one.


Suki Ferreira
Janke & Kiki
Hans Pio
Ben Pio

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